DPW Sokhna Basin 1 substation &containerized substaions

Project Information:
  • Type: Power Transmission
  • Owner: DP World Sokhna
  • Manager: ATMS
  • Consultant: ATMS
  • Contract Value: 15 Millions EGP
  • Status: Completed (2012)

Project Description:

Description of our electrical scope for Containerized Substations

Our scope that to manufacture 4 Containerized substation in standard container 40 feet to be easy removable each container contain 3 rooms Transformer room, MV room and LV room each room totally furnished with lighting fixtured, service and industrial socket, fire alarm system transformer room equipped with industrial ventilation and LV, MV room equipped with air conditioner to supply Eight steel structure reefer racks weight 80 ton including RC foundation, cabling, electric sockets, panels & lighting with power supply

In the following paragraph will describe each room in detail


The room contain 1000KVA ABB transformer 22KV/400V ONAN cooling connecting with (3*50 AL\XLPE\PVC 18\30KV) in primary side and (14*1*240 CU LV cable) in secondary side.

Protected with fire extinguisher connected with solenoid valve for starting automatically.

Also, room equipped with basin for oil leakage or if we need to replace the transformer oil.


Equipped with MV distributer switchgear (COMPACT SYSTEM- ABB SAFE PLUS/SAFE RING TYPE CCF)

Connected with 3*50 AL MV cable.

The MV switchgear 2 disconnect switch 400/630A and 1 fuse disconnect switch 200A for transformer feeder with 50A fuse.

The room also equipped with Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) connected with fiber optic cable for SCADA SYSTEM to convert from MODBUS PROTOCOL TO TCP/IP.


LV room equipped with LV distributer switchgear which contain (2*1600A) incoming from transformer and generator and connected with ATS.

Out going circuit breaker 8*400A for distribution panel.

1*630A for power factor correction.

1*40A for local panel inside container.


All MV,LV equipped to connect to Schneider CITECT  Scada System monitoring various signals and alarms from the Containerized Substation to Scada control room with in 0.5 second.